What's new?


New updates and improvements to Beta Profiles.

Version 5.0

Released: July 11, 2022

To celebrate BetaProfiles.com's 4th anniversary, our team decided to make some major UI and UX changes. We've been working non-stop since to make Beta Profiles even better than ever.

We really need your feedback to improve our website, so if you have any ideas or find bugs in this version, please contact us.

  • Added option to download public beta profiles.
  • Added option to get developer tools, like Xcode beta, Safari,...
  • Added install page for tvOS and HomePod Software.
  • Added a Feedback page to guide beta users in submitting feedback and reporting software bugs to Apple.
  • Added instructions page for switching from Developer Beta to Public Beta.
  • The menu bar will now be displayed more clearly on desktop, helping users quickly access the necessary pages.
  • Lots of small changes to make the interface more uniform and simple.
  • The Blog page has been removed as it is no longer in use.

Changelog of previous versions: Versions 1,2 and 3 - Version 4