How to download
macOS 15 Sequoia beta

Get macOS 15 beta on your Mac using your Apple ID or install it using the full .pkg installation package.

Download macOS 15 beta over-the-air (OTA)

Back up your Mac

Skip this step if you already backed up your device.

Please note that you are about to install beta software. Always back up your data and files before installing beta versions of macOS. If you have multiple Mac computers, we strongly recommend installing on a secondary system. Backing up files on a Mac is easy with Time Machine, the built-in backup utility.

backup your mac

Sign in to the Apple Developer Center

Sign in to using your Apple ID. You don't need to join Apple's Developer Program, no payment is required, just sign in.

Sign in to the Apple Developer Center.

Download the macOS 15 Sequoia beta

To get the macOS 15 beta, go to System Settings > General > Software Update and click the “Info” button next to "Beta updates.” Choose the macOS 14 Developer Beta.

choose macos 15 beta

Install the macOS 15 beta

You can install the macOS 15 beta from Software Update, which appears under General in System Settings. Click Update Now to get the release.

download macos 15 beta

You can always switch to the "Off" option in the Beta Updates to stop receiving future macOS 15 beta updates.

If you want to roll back to the previous stable version, you will probably need a macOS installer for the version you want to roll back to. There's also a Restore guide if you're interested.

Download macOS 15 Beta Installers (.pkg file)

You can also download the full installer below to update macOS 15 beta. After downloading, you will have a file named "InstallAssistant.pkg". Running this file will automatically generate an "Install macOS" file located in the Applications folder. Click on it to start the installation.

Latest: macOS 15.0 Beta 1 - 24A5264n

NOTE: Depending on the browser you are using, you might need to right click and select “Copy link address”. Past this link into a new tab and it should start to download.

Provide Feedback

The macOS beta comes with a built-in Feedback Assistant app that lets you send feedback directly to Apple whenever you come across an issue that needs addressing. You can launch Feedback Assistant from the Dock or by selecting 'Send Feedback' from the Help menu.